If I Had A Tagline…

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Tagline.”

If humans had their own taglines, what would MINE be? Who better to ask than my best friend, Sandra Lewis. I pick up the phone and text, “If I had a tagline, what would it be?” I put down the phone and await her response…

human taglineA few minutes later, my phone vibrates. That was fast! This should be good. Ready?

“I may always be late, but shit always gets done!”

I’m speechless. Not only does she give me a tagline that should be served with a Dos Equis, she ends it with #BOOM. Well, at least shit always gets done.

Want an honest tagline? Ask your best friend. Want a professional tagline? Ask a marketer!

By the way, this post is a day late. #dontjudgeme