I’m a hustler baby…

I just want you to know,
It ain’t where I been,
But where I’m about to go,
Top of the world! ~Jay-Z

I’ve always had a problem saying no to someone in need. As a result I recently counted the number of boards and committees I’ve joined during my former unemployment. Add this to my new full-time job and caring for a parent, then one starts to wonder why I keep volunteering. After reading the following article, I discovered that it’s just the hustler in me! Let me share:

Hustlers are driven. They are motivated to make a life of their own design, to make a difference. And just like non-hustlers, they’re motivated by their fears. Here are four things that occupy a hustler’s mind:

1. Never enough. Hustlers are motivated by the fear that they are not doing enough. They worry that they’re not taking enough action, even when they’re doing 5 times as much as anyone else. Hustlers fear that by not doing enough, they won’t succeed in reaching their goals, whatever those goals may be. So they respond by doing more.

Non-hustlers are also motivated by fear. But where hustlers’ activity is fueled by fear of not doing enough, non-hustlers are simply paralyzed by fear. They fear taking action because they’re not ready, because they might fail or because other people might judge them. Non-hustlers’ fear ensures that they never take enough action to reach their goals.

2. Not fast enough. Hustlers not only fear not taking enough action, they also fear not doing all that needs to be done fast enough. Hustlers fear that if they don’t move fast, someone else will. They worry that if they don’t take advantage of the opportunities presented to them, those opportunities might disappear. This fear fuels the hustler to move with a sense of urgency.

Non-hustlers prefer to move slowly and cautiously and to let things come to them. They say “If it’s meant to be, it will come.” They are afraid of moving, let alone moving fast.

3. Being out-hustled. Hustlers worry about being out-hustled. They worry that somewhere out there, someone else has got the jump on them. They worry that someone is working harder or smarter. This fear drives hustlers to bring their “A” game and to always remain a student. Hustlers are motivated by and learn from this fear.

Non-hustlers don’t worry about being out-hustled, because they’re always and everywhere being out-hustled. They’re very comfortable with the fact that others are out there working harder and smarter, building the lives they really want and making important contributions.

4. Legacy. Hustlers don’t fear their legacy, they fear of running out of time to do all the things that they can do to build that legacy. Your legacy isn’t built on what you do for yourself. No one ever says “Look at how wonderful he was! He made a fortune and bought himself a yacht and a big house.” Hustlers know that a legacy is built on the contributions you have made to the world around you. A legacy is built on what you have done for others.

Article Source: http://www.lifehealthpro.com/

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