No crying over French Onion soup!

french onion soup

Click the pic for the French Onion Soup Gratinee recipe that comforted me.

“Shhh! I gotta focus. I’m going into soup mode.”

~George Kastanza, Seinfeld.

It was Saturday afternoon, the day after I’d been laid off. As predicted, my eyes were puffy and swollen.  Reality had set in the moment I splashed cold water on my face; the pity party was over. I sat on my couch remedying myself with a steaming bowl of French Onion soup, complete with cubes of toasted French bread and oozing cheese. I spent about $20 on the ingredients for this soup and thought about how I’d went out of my way to stay up late and make it. I imagined the only thing that could have possibly made me feel better was if I had stormed out of the office yelling, “No soup for you!”  in my best Soup Nazi voice. That would have been epic, but a bad decision had I done it nonetheless. As I continued to stew over my soup, I started putting together my own personal marketing plan in order to stay out of the soup kitchen! 

Some of my worries were washed away with that yummy bowl of soup, and I knew how to control those that were not. Maybe it’s the overachiever inside of me, but it is funny how something as simple as a To-Do list can restore some sense of purpose.  For me, it provides comfort…as if everything will be alright as long as I focus and complete tasks that need to be done. On a pad of paper, I penned a To-Do list that would keep me focused on my journey to RE-employment.

10 Things to Work On While Unemployed:

  1. Set up a home office
  2. File for unemployment
  3. Inform colleagues of the news
  4. Update social media profiles
  5. Update resume
  6. Start a blog
  7. Attend networking and social events
  8. Create business networking cards
  9. Make an appointment at your college’s Career Services office
  10. Make an appointment at your local city/town Career Center

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